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40 Entrepreneurs Who Are Writing Books This Year, and When You Can Read Them

Straight from my research to your nightstand, the best business and professional development books coming in 2021.



Straight from my research to your nightstand, the best business and professional development books coming in 2021.

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February 9, 2021 15+ min read

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

When I started putting this list together, I Googled “entrepreneurs writing books in 2021″ and found… nothing. So, I took to my network and began Instagram messaging, LinkedIn posting, Facebook posting and stalking… and voila! The 40 humans who came to the surface to share their work within five days.

What did I learn? Don’t keep your marketing a secret, friends. Blast your message to the world. Use SEO — make sure your business appears on Google searches. Don’t make your customers hunt you. Don’t make writers hunt you, either! (Cough, Cough.)

I also learned many people my team and I reached out to were very slow to respond. As I like to say, “The universe waits for no slow human.” I advise you to be ready for wonderful opportunities every single day. Have a press kit ready, hire a virtual assistant to operate your inboxes and be prepared for miracles.

Now, onto the show. In no particular order, here are 40 entrepreneurs, what they’re writing, what they’re writing about and when you can get it.

1. Cal Newport, Georgetown professor and author

  • The book: A World Without Email

  • What it is: A new bold vision for liberating workers from the tyranny of the inbox — and unleashing a new era of productivity.

  • When it’s out: You can read it in the woods, without your devices, on March 2, 2021.

2. Erica Johnson, media agency owner

  • The book: Content Secrets: Attract, Engage and Convert with Social Media

  • What it is: Erica Johnson, founder of E-Partners Marketing and host of The Content podcast, shares her secrets to help entrepreneurs achieve real goals with social media, blogging and video marketing. She’s talking way beyond likes and follows.

  • When it’s out: Begin using content like a queen or king in spring of 2021.

3. Dr. Laura Ellick, licensed psychologist

  • The book: Survival Guide For Women In Gaslighting Relationships

  • What it is: This book is about practical strategies for getting beyond the hurt, anger and betrayal without becoming paranoid and bitter.

  • When it’s out: Dr. Ellick is coming to save you by the end of 2021!

4. Dr. Chris Lee, coach and podcast host

  • The book: The 1% Daily Shift

  • What it is: Dr. Chris Lee, founder of the Healthy Mind F*ck podcast, will be exploring the “When I get there…” phenomenon and address how to rewire your brain from drama and trauma and into the true love of the moment, right where you are. For entrepreneurs who are deeply goal focused, this is a must-read. If you’re obsessed with improvement Dr. Lee shows us how to make micro-improvements to avoid burnout.

  • When it’s out: You’ll have this one on your bookshelf by Winter of 2021.

5. Chuck McDowell, president and CEO of Wesley Financial Group

  • The book: Touch the Line

  • What it is: From business owner Chuck McDowell comes the book that will make you stop in your tracks and ask, “Am I doing the best I possibly can?” Touch the line is a concept that McDowell learned in sports: When he saw another player not fully touch the line in sprints, he knew he had an advantage. McDowell took that advantage and dominated the business world. This book will transform your mindset and detail orientation by encouraging you to touch every line.

  • When it’s out: You’ll be sprinting with McDowell by summer of 2021.

6. Sharran Srivatsaa, CEO of Kingston Lane

  • The book: UnderDog: How Ordinary People Build Extraordinary Companies

  • What it is: From a master serial entrepreneur comes a playbook on managing your internal dialogue, emotions and routines, creating structure and balance so you can truly amplify all areas of your life.

  • When it’s out: This new playbook will be your new best friend by fall of 2021.

7. Tracy Duhs, wellness strategist

  • The book: Hydrate

  • What it is: From wellness advisor to the stars and founder of the Hydrate podcast comes the end-of-day life-changing mocktail book. This book is full of super unique recipes that hydrate, engage and enliven. Throughout the book, Duhs shares recipes and health tips that helped her go from sick to alive and well.

  • When it’s out: You’ll be drinking mocktails instead of that third glass of wine by spring of 2021!

8. Brian Covey, VP of regional production at Loan Depot and podcast host

  • The book: Conversations with Covey

  • What it is: A conference in a book, Covey takes his best episodes from the top-rated Brian Covey Show and showcases all-star entrepreneurs like David Meltzer, Brittany Hodak and many other incredible movers and shakers. The book aims to be a lifeline to many who have suffered in 2020 and shows how adversity can never stop the truly open-hearted and talented.

  • When it’s out: You’ll be laughing and crying with Covey in spring of 2021, fully motivated and ready to take on the world after reading each of these lessons.

9. Suzy Heyman, health coach and business strategist

  • The book: What Saturated Market? How to Crush it in Your Home-Based Business

  • What it is: Heyman, runs a health-coaching business, optimized team selling and made millions helping others live their best lives.

  • When it’s out: It’s coming summer 2021.

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10. Dr. Brooke Weinstein, mom coach and emotional regulation strategist

  • The book: You’re not F*cking Crazy

  • What it is: From the latest dance movement on TikTok, came a dancing doctor into the hearts of moms. Weinstein took the crown of “The Mom Coach” and began teaching women to remember who they were before they got their new name, ‘Mom’, using neuroscience and medical knowledge to take women from surviving to thriving, Weinstein is overjoyed to bring her first book into the world in 2021 especially after her recent exposure on the Today Show.

  • When it’s out: Look for validation you aren’t crazy by Fall of 2021…

11. Jamie Kern Lima, co-founder of IT Cosmetics

  • The book: Believe It: How to Go From Underestimated to Unstoppable

  • What it is: From the CEO of IT Cosmetics comes a how-to guide on challenging self-doubt and wrong beliefs in order to become unstoppable in your career and life.

  • When it’s out: Get ready to believe the real you in Spring 2021.

12. Micheal Burt, author, speaker and coach

  • The book: Flip the Switch: How to Activate the Prey Drive in Yourself and Others

  • What it is: From America’s coach comes a book that will literally wake up every cell in your body to yell, “YES I CAN!” Known as an energetic activator of many, Burt brings a furious sales passion to this book and the same skill set that has brought 1,000 of his monster producer community to an average income of over $250,000 per year.

  • When it’s out: You will be activating prey drive with Burt by the end of 2021.

13. Emily Ley, founder of Simplified Planners

  • The book: Growing Boldly: Dare to Build a Life You Love

  • What it is: The creator of the Simplified Planner is introducing a how-to book that inspires us to imagine big, plan well and then gather the equipment and the courage to go out and do it.

  • When it’s out: Plan ahead for this release in spring 2021.

14. Adam Grant, psychologist

  • The book: Think Again

  • What it is: For anyone who wants to create a culture of learning and exploration at home, work or school, Grant distills complex research into a compelling case for why each of us should continually question old assumptions and embrace new ideas and perspectives.

  • When it’s out: Get ready, this book came out at the beginning of February.

15. Amanda Frances, business and money mentor

  • The book: Rich as F*ck: More Money Than You Know What To Do With

  • What it is: In Rich As F*ck, Amanda Frances demystifies the topic of money, cracking the code of financial liberation and abundance.

  • When it’s out: Frances’ book is ready for you — it launched on January 11, 2021. Go make some money!

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16. Stephen J. Martinez, PA-C, owner of Restore Wellness

  • The book: Master of Energy

  • What it is: In this book, Martinez explores functional medicine and gives simple answers to complex medical issues so entrepreneurs and people alike can take control of their health and happiness, but most importantly regain the energy they need to truly change the world.

  • When it’s out: You will be mastering your energy by fall of 2021 with Martinez.

17. Rachel Rodgers, owner of the Rodgers Ranch

  • The book: We Should All Be Millionaires

  • What it is: Rachel Rodgers, founder of Hello Seven, a company that coaches women in scaling their businesses and their lives, says it’s time for a change. In this book, Rodgers shares the lessons she’s learned both in her own journey to wealth and in coaching hundreds of women to seven figures.

  • When it’s out: May 4, 2021

18. Deepshikha Sairam, Founder of Hook ‘Em and Book ‘Em

  • The book: Rich Lady Lessons

  • What it is: The business mentor and host of the podcast How to Womxn: Buck The System. Live Your Truth shares lessons about living a joyful and rich life.

  • When it’s out: The end of 2021.

19. Vannessa Williams, astrologist

  • The book: Beyond the Signs: How to Interpret and Apply the Signs of the Universe

  • What it is: This book comes as a lifeline to the spiritually curious with its focus on metaphysical studies.

  • When it’s out: November 2021

20. Michelle Keinan, founder of Goddess Wife School, artist

  • The book: Breakthrough, Don’t Break Up
  • What it is: Keinan, a relationship coach, is creating a juicy and paradigm-exploding book sharing all of the most important lessons, teachings, theories and stories from inside her legendary Goddess Wife School. It is going to change the lives of powerful, successful, go-getter women — and their partners/husbands — by releasing them from the misconception that they can’t be successful while at the same time deeply in love and supported by their spouses.

  • When it’s out: Coming to you summer of 2021

21. Ginger Walker, real estate expert and speaker

  • The book: Military Moves

  • What it is: An up-and-coming real estate star, Walker creates a specific how-to book on buying a home as a member of the military.

  • When it’s out: It’s out in spring 2021.

22. Dr. Sarah Coxon, feminine leadership expert

  • The book: The Way of the Priestess: A Reclamation of Feminine Power & Divine Purpose
  • What it is: In ancient times, priestesshood was a doorway to feminine power and divine purpose. Today, embodying the priestess is a way for women to dismantle systems of oppression, reclaim the feminine, share their truth, own their gifts and create freedom. By tracing priestesshood in ancient times and sharing stories from her own life, Sarah Coxon, PhD, explores how the priestess has been playing a pivotal role in the awakening of the feminine. This book is both a personal memoir and call to arms for any woman that feels trapped in a social cage that stifles her truest expression. It’s for any woman brave enough to walk a new path, reclaim her power, walk hand in hand with the divine, and live authentically, freely and purposefully.

  • When it’s out: This book was released January 11th, so begin exploring today.

23. Sean Vernon, sales director, Docusign and owner of Sunlight Solar

  • The book: Hit the Ground Running

  • What it is: From an extraordinary sales expert and owner of Sunlight Solar comes a book on how to build sales teams, make money and stop suffering alone. Vernon has been a no. 1 sales director, sales producer and even once got graduates from Harvard to knock door-to-door for him. This is a must-read for growth and financial expansion.

  • When it’s out: You can hit the ground running by summer of 2021.

24. Lauren Armstrong, human design expert

  • The book: The Invitation: A Projectors Guide to Leveraging Your Human Design as an Online Entrepreneur

  • What it is: In human design, projectors make up 20 percent of the population, and most of the education about how to run an online business is not meant for them. This book shows us how projectors can do business their way, honoring their energy and unique gifts and leading the way for those that recognize them.

  • When it’s out: Coming to you in November 2021.

25. Omar Medrano, Smoothie King owner and operator, speaker

  • The book: What If It Does Work?

  • What it is: From a Miami serial franchise owner comes an open letter to those who are struggling with the inner critic that’s stopping them from achieving greatness. Medrano references feeling so ugly in Vegas he thought prostitutes wouldn’t be into him, so this is a laughter-filled memoir that will truly inspire you to take action.

  • When it’s out: Medrano’s book will be live in June of 2021.

26. Erin Nicole, coach

  • The book: Burnout to Breakthrough

  • What it is: From Erin Nicole Coaching comes a book that is all about helping women heal from burnout with flow and ease.

  • When it’s out: You can begin reading in March 2021 and heal burnout for good.

27. Nicole Smithson, breathwork leader

  • The book: From Damaged to Divine

  • What it is: From celebrated breath and meditation teacher Nikki Smithson, discover how to make your life a living testimonial to the sacredness of every second we get to live here on Earth. This book is a story as well as a guide to remembering who you truly are, having open and honest communication with the universe and showing up for yourself in the process.

  • When it’s out: Get your copy in September of 2021.

28. Ellie Rome, elimination diet expert and podcast host

  • The book: Don’t Eat This, Feel That

  • What it is: Mindfulness expert and health coach Rome develops the newest version of Eat this, Not That. From her celebrated podcast, Don’t Eat Your Feelings, comes Rome’s first book.

  • When it’s out: Rome’s book will launch in August of 2021.

29. Victoria Labalme, actress

  • The book: Risk Forward: Embrace the Unknown and Unlock Your Hidden Genius

  • What it is: Labalme shares how some of the most renowned companies, entrepreneurs, celebrated leaders and creative endeavors didn’t start with a detailed plan or a five-year goal, but rather an idea, a glimmer of thought which the person then followed and explored, often through significant periods of self-doubt. She argues that in the current landscape, leadership requires fluidity, not necessarily decisiveness up front; teamwork requires adaptability and not always taking immediate action; and interactions require the ability to create a memorable experience from a team that genuinely wants to work together towards success.

  • When it’s out: On sale March 16.

30. Jeff Martin, CEO of University Recruiters

  • The book: Bullshit

  • What it is: From the CEO of University Recruiters comes a book about all the bullshit that stops you from getting to the next level. The chapters will be short with exercises to do to work on each issue so you can progress forward without a therapist hanging around.

  • When it’s out: Look for help this fall, Martin is excited to help you get past your BS.

31. Kim Holterman, self-love expert and photographer

  • The book: P.S. You are Beautiful: The Things I Want My Daughter to Know

  • What it is: From an acclaimed photographer comes a book dedicated to the teenager in all of us. How can you feel beautiful so you can go serve the world? Would you talk to your daughter like that? How can we all lean into the beauty on the inside and outside? Holterman shows us how.

  • When it’s out: Open this gift by Christmas.

32. Emily Adams, podcast host

  • The book: Entrepreneurship: What No One Tells You

  • What it is: This book is about sharing the building blocks to have a strong base before building a business. It has a deep focus on doing inner work to remove your patterning and programming blocks. It also covers how to get your stuff together as an entrepreneur.

  • When it’s out: Grab this must-have in May 2021.

33. Jefferson Rogers, CEO of JKR Windows

  • The book: From Couch to $10 Million

  • What it is: This book is a detailed journey that draws inspiration from the Couch to 5k program. Rogers uses his experience of feeling burnt-out to crushing his fitness, health and becoming a mentor to many.

  • When it’s out: Start your $10 million journey with this achievement mentor in November of 2021.

34. Vanessa Simpson, owner of Fifth Dimension Therapy

  • The book: Young Body Wise Soul

  • What it is: A detailed journey of Simpson’s experience entering into the “woo” world and how she decided to entrepreneurially dive in to helping others do the same.

  • When it’s out: Expect your third eye to open by fall of 2021.

35. Charlyn Jean, wellness expert and story speaker

  • The book: Rewrite You

  • What it is: A detailed guide to rewriting your thoughts around marriage, relationships, boundaries and money.

  • When it’s out: October 2021, grab your pencils.

35. Richard Koch

  • The book: Unreasonable Success and How to Achieve It
  • What it is: Bestselling author and serial entrepreneur Richard Koch charts a map of success, identifying the nine key attitudes and strategies can propel anyone to new heights of accomplishment.
  • When it’s out: It’s out now.

36. Ben Angel

  • The book: Unstoppable, second edition
  • What it is: Ben Angel gives you a look into the world of nootropics, wearable devices, and nutrition and delivers a guide to help you reduce stress, increase focus, improve physical performance, and eliminate your fears.
  • When it’s out: It’s out now

37. Jason Falls

  • The book: Winfluence: Reframing Influencer Marketing to Reignite Your Brand
  • What it is: THE authoritative book about influencer marketing explains how influencers came to be, how they came to be so powerful, why so many brands are counting on influencer marketing for business success, and how anyone who is not, now can.
  • When it’s out: February 2021

38. Sean and Thora Dowdell

  • The book: Brand Renegades: Our Fearless Path from Startup to Global Brand
  • What it is: Sean and Thora Dowdell created a genre-busting brand with Club Tattoo. This is the story of how they took a small business from an idea to a global brand by turning the tattoo industry on its head.
  • When it’s out: May 2021

39. The Staff of Entrepreneur Media

  • The book: Start Your Own Business, eighth edition
  • What it is: Entrepreneur’s flagship book is back for a new edition that helps hopeful small business owners start their business from scratch.
  • When it’s out: August 2021

Finally, time for some shameless self-promotion.

40. Gabrielle Garrett, owner of Gabi Garrett Media, journalist and partner in Monster Publishing

  • The book: Manifest like a MotherF*cker

  • What it is: A journey into unblocking the magic that’s knocking on your door by unraveling trauma patterning, inner mean girl voices and self-sabotage. After creating two million-dollar publishing houses from the dream of an overweight, unhealthy cubicle human, I share how I dreamed big enough to get out of a crushing reality and creating an all consuming fantastic adventure for myself, my clients and my friends.

  • When it’s out: Look for this journal by February of 2021, and the accompanying book is being reviewed by publishers at this moment.

Happy reading, friends!

  • The book: A World Without Email
  • What it is: A new bold vision for liberating workers from the tyranny of the inbox — and unleashing a new era of productivity.
  • When it’s out: You can read it in the woods, without your devices, on March 2, 2021.




Why You Should Make Twitter Spaces Part of Your Business Strategy

Twitter’s latest feature can help businesses grow their presence on the platform.



Twitter’s latest feature can help businesses grow their presence on the platform.

Limited-Time Savings: 60% Off of Our Social Media Books

Use code SOCIAL2021 through 5/27/21 to get these books, for less.

September 5, 2021 8 min read

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Audio content is all the rage these days.

From podcasting to Clubhouse, many businesses are making it part of their content strategy. However, they aren’t the only options for those looking to become part of the audio space.

What is Twitter Spaces?

Twitter Spaces is a place for users to host rooms where speakers can hold audio conversations. Listeners are able to tune in and can also request to speak, allowing them to step onto the virtual stage to share their thoughts and ask questions. And because there’s no video aspect to Twitter Spaces, you don’t have to worry about being camera-ready.

Beta testing for this feature began in November 2020. During this testing phase, all users had access to listen and speak within a Space, however only a small group was given access to hosting capabilities. It wasn’t until May 2021 that hosting Spaces became an option for all Twitter users that had at least 600 followers. Since then, many business owners are giving Spaces a go and figuring out how it fits into their overall content strategy.

Since Spaces has become available, Twitter has announced they are taking it up a notch by also offering a way to monetize the audio conversations you host on the platform. Ticketed Spaces are currently in the beta testing phase, allowing users the ability to charge anywhere from $1 to $999 for a ticket to attend a Space.

Why is Twitter Spaces beneficial for entrepreneurs?

As an entrepreneur, it’s important to put yourself out there online. These days, there are many different ways to do that. You can start a blog, a podcast, or a YouTube channel. You can also build your presence on various social media platforms. It’s all about knowing where your audience is and playing to your strengths. So, if you’re someone who loves to talk and you know your audience is active on Twitter, Spaces is worth considering.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • You stand a better chance at getting noticed. Our tweets have such a short lifespan, but when you’re live on Spaces, you’ll show up at the very top of a user’s mobile app. They’ll be more likely to see you and join the conversation this way.

  • You’ll have a built-in audience. With Clubhouse, users are really starting from scratch with building their audience on the platform. If you’re already on Twitter, then you have people who are there and ready to join your conversations.

  • Nothing is needed to get started. Having fancy equipment isn’t necessary. You don’t even need to put on your business attire. Instead, you simply need to open the Twitter app, start a brand new Space, and begin delivering valuable content.

  • It has accessibility in mind. While many platforms are stepping up to the plate in terms of accessibility, some are still lagging behind. Twitter Spaces has made their audio conversations accessible to those who are hearing impaired by offering live captions. This means you won’t be excluding members of your audience when you host a Space.

And with Ticketed Spaces on the way, many entrepreneurs will want to jump on board with Spaces now so they can establish their presence and prepare for monetization when it becomes more widely available. Everyone loves having multiple revenue streams, right?

Now, the question is, how can you best use Twitter Spaces as a way to grow your business? After all, implementing features like this into your content strategy won’t do much if you don’t have a strong foundation in place, outlining why and how you’re using it.

Here are a few tips for making Twitter Spaces work for you:

1. Know what you want to achieve with spaces

Your time is precious, which is why you want to ensure you’re reaping the rewards when you put time and energy into something. When it comes to Twitter Spaces, it’s smart to set goals for yourself so you know what you’re working toward. This way, you’ll be able to see if hosting Spaces regularly is working for you or not.

For example, you may want to use Twitter Spaces to grow your audience on the platform. In this case, you’ll want to monitor your follower count before and after your Spaces to see if you notice any growth. If you want Spaces to be a tool for promoting your offerings, you’ll need to see if people are taking action and purchasing after the conversation ends. Or maybe you just want to use it to establish yourself as a thought leader in your field. In which case, you’ll watch for engagement and take note of what people are saying about you and your content.

The point is, you want to use Spaces as a tool to drive specific results. If that doesn’t seem to be happening, then you’ll know that something needs to change about your strategy.

2. Host conversations that will appeal to your target audience

In order to entice people to tune into your Spaces (and keep them listening to the very end), you need to hold their attention. That means it’s up to you to figure out what they want and deliver it so they see the value in joining the Spaces you host.

Here are a few ideas you can try out:

  • Teach people how to do something. What’s something that your target audience would love to learn how to do that you can teach via an audio conversation? You could offer simple tips and tricks so they can leave your Space and immediately put your advice into action.

  • Discuss the topics in your industry. This is a sure-fire way to grab attention and get a lively conversation going with others in your field. Share your thoughts and opinions, then open up the floor for listeners to join in as well.

  • Host value-packed Q&A sessions. This could be an opportunity to answer burning questions your audience has for you or you could invite an expert onto the virtual stage for an interview, podcast style. Either way, focus on the questions your audience wants answers to.

If you’re not sure what kind of format will work best, try out a few different options and see what interests people the most. Sometimes it’s just a matter of testing to see what works.

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3. Go live regularly on Twitter Spaces

As an entrepreneur, consistency is key to your success. You have to show up regularly if you want to boost your return on investment (ROI). If you aren’t showing up often, you run the risk of your audience forgetting about you entirely. And that’s the last thing you want!

To stay top of mind, it would be smart to create a Twitter Spaces show that you host at a set time. It gives people something to look forward to and the more you put yourself out there, the better chance you have at connecting with new people.

Consider creating a show that you host every week, every other week, or monthly. Go with what works for your schedule. Just make sure you’re showing up and giving it your all if you want to see results.

Related: Live Streaming Video: What It Is, Why It Matters and How It’ll Quickly Grow Your Brand

4. Be willing to experiment with new things

You never know what will work for you until you give it a try. That’s why it’s worth experimenting with how you use Spaces. Try a few of the ideas listed above, but be open to testing out other ideas as well. If you want, you can even ask your audience what they’d like to see from you, which could generate a few new ideas as well. After all, there’s no better source to learn from!

Ultimately, you have to be willing to test and tweak your strategy. If something is working well for you, keep it up. If something isn’t working, figure out why and see if there are any tweaks you can make to improve the idea. If not, scrap it and move onto something else. It’s not time wasted if you learn something valuable about what your audience enjoys.

Related: How to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy From Scratch

5. Use Twitter Spaces as a tool to better understand your audience

Done right, Twitter Spaces can be used as a tool to help you connect with your target audience and develop a deeper relationship with them. They’ll get to know you better, and in turn you’ll get to know them better. From there, you can take what you’ve learned about their interests and pain points and use it to create future content within your brand.

And as we all know, providing valuable content is key if you want to boost your followers, engagement, and conversions. Plus, it’ll establish you as an expert in your field over time. Before you know it, your brand just might become a household name.

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2 Auto-Manufacturers Up More Than 6% in the Past Month

With solid progress on the COVID-19 vaccination front and substantial economic growth so far this year, auto manufacturers have witnessed a significan…



With solid progress on the COVID-19 vaccination front and substantial economic growth so far this year, auto manufacturers have witnessed a significan…

Grow Your Business, Not Your Inbox

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August 17, 2021 4 min read

This story originally appeared on StockNews
With solid progress on the COVID-19 vaccination front and substantial economic growth so far this year, auto manufacturers have witnessed a significant rise in sales in the first half of 2021. Given sustainability initiatives worldwide, the EV industry is expected to grow over an extended period. Hence, we think the shares of auto manufacturers, Tesla (TSLA) and Stellantis (STLA), whose shares have gained more than 6% in price in the past month, are well-positioned to move higher. So, let’s discuss.

The electric vehicles (EV) industry is expanding rapidly, bolstered by zero-emission initiatives worldwide. The near-term outlook for the EV industry seems to be bright, as governments around the globe place significant emphasis on accelerating EV production and sales to meet their sustainability targets. The EV market grew more than 40% during 2020, with a record 3 million EVs registered.

Furthermore, global EV sales rose by around 140% year-over-year in the first quarter of 2021. And auto manufacturers are now placing an emphasis on broadening their product portfolios and ramping up production to meet the increasing demand. The International Energy Agency (IEA) anticipates the EV industry will witness “healthy growth” during this decade.

The shares of two well-known players in the industry, Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) and Stellantis N.V. (STLA), have gained more than 6% in the past month and are poised to generate significant returns in the coming months also.

Click here to checkout our Electric Vehicle Industry Report for 2021

Tesla, Inc. (TSLA)

TSLA in Palo Alto, Calif., designs, develops, manufactures, leases, and sells electric vehicles and energy generation and storage systems globally. The company operates in two segments: Automotive and Energy Generation and Storage.

TSLA’s total revenue increased 98% year-over-year to $11.96 billion in its fiscal second quarter, ended June 30. Its income from operations grew 301% from its year-ago value to $1.31 billion, while its non-GAAP net income improved 258% year-over-year to $1.62 billion. The company’s non-GAAP EPS increased 230% year-over-year to $1.45.

Analysts expect TSLA’s revenues to increase 49.3% year-over-year to $13.10 billion in the current quarter, ending September 2021. A $1.38 consensus EPS estimate for the current quarter indicates an 81.6% rise from the same period last year. TSLA has an impressive earnings surprise history as well; it beat the consensus EPS estimates in three out of the trailing four quarters.

Over the past month, TSLA gained 6.5% to close yesterday’s trading session at $686.17. The stock gained 107.8% over the past year.

Stellantis N.V. (STLA)

Based in the Netherlands, STLA designs, engineers, manufactures, and sells passenger vehicles, pickup trucks, SUVs, and light commercial vehicles worldwide. It offers luxury, premium, and mainstream vehicles, as well as financial services, and parts and services, and also provides retail and dealer financing, leasing, and rental services.

On July 6, STLA announced its investment in Vauxhall’s Ellesmere Port manufacturing plant, which will become the first STLA plant to produce a solely battery-electric vehicle, in both commercial and passenger versions, by the end of next year. This is in line with the U.K. government’s decision to stop sales of pure petrol and diesel engine vehicles from 2030. The project is expected to garner significant returns for the company amid sustainability initiatives worldwide.

In May, STLA and Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd., together with its subsidiary FIH Mobile Ltd., formed a non-binding memorandum of understanding to form Mobile Drive, a joint venture aimed at accelerating development timelines to deliver innovative in-vehicle user experiences. Through this partnership, the company expects to push the boundaries in connected car technology and provide immersive digital experiences to its customers.

STLA’s net revenues increased 270.2% year-over-year to €72.61 billion ($85.55 billion) in the fiscal six months ended June 30. Its net profit stood at €5.80 billion ($6.83 billion), up 627.7% from the same period last year. Its cash flows from operating activities came in at €5.62 billion ($6.62 billion) over this period.

A $182.87 billion consensus revenue estimate for the fiscal period ending December 2021 indicates a 12.8% increase year-over-year. The Street expects the company’s EPS to rise 202.8% from the prior year to $4.02 in the ongoing year.

STLA gained 18.4% over the past month to close yesterday’s trading session at $21.68. The stock has gained 32.8% over the past six months.

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TSLA shares fell $1.91 (-0.29%) in after-hours trading Tuesday. Year-to-date, TSLA has declined -5.66%, versus a 19.54% rise in the benchmark S&P 500 index during the same period.

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Subhasree’s keen interest in financial instruments led her to pursue a career as an investment analyst. After earning a Master’s degree in Economics, she gained knowledge of equity research and portfolio management at Finlatics.


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Furthermore, global EV sales rose by around 140% year-over-year in the first quarter of 2021. And auto manufacturers are now placing an emphasis on broadening their product portfolios and ramping up production to meet the increasing demand. The International Energy Agency (IEA) anticipates the EV industry will witness “healthy growth” during this decade.



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Why Steve Jobs’s Passion for Calligraphy Is an Important Example for You

By intentionally exercising your creative muscle, new opportunities naturally follow.



By intentionally exercising your creative muscle, new opportunities naturally follow.

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August 8, 2021 5 min read

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In 1972, Steve Jobs took a calligraphy class at Reed College based on campus posters he saw after dropping out. The poster fonts themselves were artistic enough to catch his eye, and he audited this class, despite knowing the class would earn him no credit towards a degree.

Today, designers and marketers alike have nearly unlimited fonts and creative user interfaces for our digital devices. In a world dominated by ones and zeros, we all owe Jobs a debt of gratitude for bringing creativity into the world of technology.

Jobs was certainly hooked on the creativity of calligraphy. But there were additional creative foundational elements the class instilled in his mind that many business owners can use to reshape their brand and compete at a higher level.

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Creativity: It’s a muscle you can exercise

All human beings are born creative and have the ability to exercise and develop their creativity muscle.

We encourage our children to experiment, express and explore creatively. Drawing outside the lines is not frowned upon until you register for a class in architecture.

As we begin our journey into reading, writing and arithmetic, however, the outlets for creativity diminish. Without consistently expressing ourselves, like muscle atrophy, our creative muscles also lose their strength without exercise.

Jobs intuitively knew to expand his creativity muscle when he invested his time into a calligraphy class at Reed. In his 2005 commencement address at Stanford, he spoke about his calligraphy class, saying,

“I learned about serif and san serif typefaces, about varying the amount of space between different letter combinations, about what makes great typography great. It was beautiful, historical, artistically subtle in a way that science can’t capture, and I found it fascinating.”

Taking a class or course that focuses on creativity for no other reason other than artistic expression can naturally cross over into creativity in business.

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Processes: Learn from alternate industries

We learn primarily through our vision. Our minds are wired visually and with tens of millions of images vying for our attention, but we can only process a very small percentage of it.

Remember the last time you were going to buy a car? Before you decided on that Subaru, you may have never noticed them on the road. After you narrowed down your search, you see them everywhere. That’s our brain filtering content with our reticular activating system.

Unfortunately, with limited resources of time and visual acuity, we tend to only learn from leaders in our own industry. I’m pretty sure Jobs had no intention of creating wedding invitations as a calligrapher, but as he immersed himself into the art of calligraphy, the act of calligraphy opened up creativity in other areas. Calligraphy not only boosted his creativity muscle, but during the creative process, creativity naturally spilled over into other areas — computers.

In the book, I, Steve: Steve Jobs in His Own Words, Jobs famously stated, “A lot of people in our industry haven’t had very diverse experiences. So they don’t have enough dots to connect and they end up with very linear solutions without a broad perspective on the problem. The broader one’s understanding of the human experience, the better design we will have.”

If you are in the services industry, study manufacturing best practices. This can even be applied to segments inside your industry. If you are involved in marketing, study economics or history.

Experiential: Power off the computer

While drawing curves with ink and paper are a serious separation from the bits and bytes of the computer world, there is an unspoken element of creativity and muscle memory that is often overlooked.


A recent study by John Hopkins University demonstrated the power of experiential learning specifically with the written word. While writing by hand is going the way of the Dodo bird by the ease of a computer keyboard, this study found we shouldn’t be so quick to discard the pencils and paper. In a study of 42 adults learning Arabic, handwriting helped the participants learn the language surprisingly faster and significantly better than learning the same material through typing or watching videos.

Jotting down ideas or journaling by hand has been shown to unlock increased creativity in our minds and in our work.

Flow: Power off your brain

Creativity, like losing weight, can’t be honed in a single session. Moreover, anyone who has had brilliant ideas in the shower knows, the removal of distractions opens up your creative juices.

There is immense value in emptying your mind, meditating or going for a walk in the woods. We can certainly glean ideas from other works of art, copy, and business models. But, modifying an idea is not the same as creating one. There is a clear distinction between evolution and revolution. Both have their place, but most significant breakthroughs in business and society come not from the evolution of an idea, but through revolution of a completely new way of looking at the world.

Switching off the distractions and putting yourself in a fresh environment creates fertile ground for exercising your creative muscle.

Being creative, mindful and curious can unlock hidden value in your brand. It wasn’t just the skill of calligraphy that Steve Jobs had picked — it was a mindset to think creatively and give something a unique touch.

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